Our Story

Lilium, what does it mean?

Technically, it’s the scientific name of the flower Lily. In our world, though, it means a soothing place where you relax, where your heart feels happy, and you are safe. Kind of like the feeling one gets when visiting Gramma’s house. Calm. Suiting. Homie.

Lilium Homes honors the memory of our Gramma. Lilies were her favorite flower. We strive to build houses for families to turn into homes. Homes that give that soothing ambiance as Gramma’s house.

With every house we build, the goal is to have the space transformed from a
new built into someone’s home. A space where a couple may bring their
newborn child. A space where children may run around. A space where
families and friends gather. A space with functional and modern design in
mind crafted for today’s lifestyle.